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VS1 Visor Guard – Crystal Clear

To be able to ride our motorcycles safely, we rely heavily on our sense of sight. It is why most helmets come equipped with face shields or visors to keep our eyes protected at all times. It is therefore imperative that we keep our visors clear and free of anything that can compromise our vision. VS1 Visor Guard is the perfect aid in cleaning and protecting our helmets’ visors. It comes in a handy 50 ml aerosol can to enable you to use it anytime, anywhere. There’s no need for a messy soap and water solution, just spray it on to the surface and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. I even tried it on an old, stubborn bug splatter and it came off easily. It doesn’t leave any marks or smears. What remains is a protective coat that keeps dirt and dust from clinging onto the visor. The VS1 Visor Guard even acts as an anti-fog agent. It also has a mild, pleasant scent so won’t mind wearing your helmet even right after cleaning.

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