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Piaggio Apé: Redefining the three-wheel workhorse



Motohub, the distributor for the Piaggio line of 3-wheel business vehicles, has just launched the new Apé City, a bigger but more versatile version of passenger and business trikes. Designed with the businessman in mind, it targets both the tricycle operator and small vendor market, offering an economical alternative for bigger profits.




The Apé Passenger variant can seat three passengers comfortably at the back. The driver is strategically placed in the middle up-front, with all controls within reach. The canvass top offers more protection from the elements, as compared to the old tricycle, and with both sides offering ample passage space, ingress and egress is a cinch. It is safer and easier. No more acrobatic acts when entering or disembarking.

The kicker here is the 4-speed transmission with Reverse! The Twist shift is easier to operate, and with a flick of a lever, you can reverse the vehicle with nary a whimper. Even with passengers, backing up is made easy.

Motohub President Mr. Willie Tee Ten

Motohub President Mr. Willie Tee Ten

Engine options

The first option is the traditional single-cylinder, petrol powered, air cooled, 4-stroke 200cc engine. It produces 7.5hp @ 5,000rpm, and can climb 20% gradient with full load.

The second powerplant is the Single cylinder, Diesel fed, air-cooled, 4-stroke 400cc engine. It boasts 8hp at 3,600 rpm, and with 18nm of torque, climbing a 22.16% gradient is a breeze, even with a full load.

Fuel consumption is at a frugal 28km/liter and 36km/liter respectively, depending on driving habits and road conditions. Both have a 535kg payload capacity.

The Apé City passenger line comes in 6 attractive colors to match your business or personality: Jet Black, Eco Green, Golden Yellow, Western Red, Charming Blue and Bianco White. The colors offered will make customization easier, m

atching with your line of business.





The Apé City cargo-style comes in three variants: Drive-away chassis (flatbed), closed van and long deck (pick-up style). Depending on your business requirements, Piaggio has the right body style for you.

Although it has a relatively higher acquisition price, the savings you harvest are greater in the long run. Low maintenance cost, higher payload and a dependable engine will greater benefit your business, whether passenger or cargo or anything in between.

For more information, visit piaggioape.com.ph