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Ultrabrights from Weiser. Getting you noticed. Keeping you safer.

The best accessory you can fit in your motorcycle. Brighter, more attractive LED turn signal that will be seen by everyone.


We all love to ride our motorcycles, anywhere, anytime, right? Whether its raining cats and dogs, or breathing pollution in traffic, we just grin and bear it. But you will agree with me that our priority is to be seen by our fellow motorist. Driving lights or signal lights, its imperative that the others know where we are going.

Safety is our concern, that’s why Ultrabrights from Weiser are very timely. Not only are they attractive, they are the brightest, most logical upgrades you can put on your bike.

Originally created for BMW bikes, they’re now available for a wide range of motorcycles from manufacturers who’ve adopted the same ‘arrow head’ housing modules. Weiser has been turn signal upgrades since 2007, and have been proven superior options to the existing OEM bulb.


Easy to fit in just minutes

Ultrabrights are simple to fit into your bike’s current OEM housing. Just replace the original bulb and reflector assembly – there’s no need to modify the existing wiring or housing. And they work immediately with your existing electronics. Ultrabrights are guaranteed to operate in accordance with your motorcycle’s CANbus electronics system and are designed to comply with current automotive electronics safety standards.


How they work

Instead of just one filament bulb, you’ve got numerous individual LEDs emitting Ultrabright light. For newer bikes, you’ve a choice of Ultrabrights Original+ which have 20 LEDs and are brighter than standard turn signals and factory-fitted LEDs.

For brighter lights, you can go for Ultrabrights Extreme with 12 super high intensity OSRAM LEDs.

Another option for earlier BMWs (from 2000), you can now get the Ultrabrights Legacy Extreme designed to fit the more rounded OEM housing.



Photos by: Weiser Technik

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