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FOR ALL OCASSIONS – SEC 00141 Motard Helmet

Yes, it is a Motard helmet. Yet, i often find myself using it regardless of the type of motorcycle i’m riding. I have learned that the overall design of this helmet is not only for aethetic considerations. It has some practical uses as well. The visor shields my eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and it also acts as a fender to keep mud away from my face when riding off-road. Unlike a motocross helmet, the SEC 00141 Motard helmet also has a built-in face shield for added protection. There’s no need to bother with goggles.

A conventional full face helmet tends to be stifling especially during summer. Some riders will prefer to use an open face helmet to solve this issue, trading a degree of safety for comfort. The SEC 00141 Motard helmet has a protruded chin bar to give the user some breathing space without compromising safety. It also comes with extended cheek pads and a double D-ring buckle to hold it in place in the event of a spill. If you are still concerned about how it will look with your bike, visit any SEC mall outlet or check out their Facebook page to view other color schemes and designs.

(SEC) BON BON MERCHANDISERS SALES CORPORATION 571 Juan Luna St. Binondo, Manila, Philippines Telephone no.: 244-9803 Fax no.: 242-1542 Website: www.sechelmet.ph Facebook: facebook.com/ SEC–Helmets