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Head turner – NHK Airborne full face helmet

There are many factors to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet. It has to have the proper safety ratings, it should be comfortable to wear and of course, it should also be affordable. The NHK Airborne full face helmet seems to tick all the boxes…and it looks quite stylish with the angular lines and creases on its outer shell. This ...

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Engine Resurrection

Resurs Total is an oil additive which uses nanotechnology to restore worn surface of your engine’s piston and cylinder wall. It forms a porous structure which retains oil to lessen friction, thereby increasing the engine’s service life. Add 1-4% of Resurs Total to the total volume of engine oil to reap its full benefits. It is recommended for engines with ...

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Magic Bullet Motorcycle Power Booster

This fuel additive from Magic Bullet boosts engine performance while also improving fuel efficiency by 6-8%. It also acts as a stabilizer which helps the fuel inside the tank from going stale during long storage. It is safe and easy to use: just pour into your fuel tank before filling up and your good to go. One 500 ml bottle ...

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VS1 Visor Guard – Crystal Clear

To be able to ride our motorcycles safely, we rely heavily on our sense of sight. It is why most helmets come equipped with face shields or visors to keep our eyes protected at all times. It is therefore imperative that we keep our visors clear and free of anything that can compromise our vision. VS1 Visor Guard is the ...

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FOR ALL OCASSIONS – SEC 00141 Motard Helmet

Yes, it is a Motard helmet. Yet, i often find myself using it regardless of the type of motorcycle i’m riding. I have learned that the overall design of this helmet is not only for aethetic considerations. It has some practical uses as well. The visor shields my eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and it also ...

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