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1st Gulf Brand Fuel Service Station Opens in Bataan; First in Asia!

  Gulf Oil Brand officially launched their entry in the local fuel industry  by establishing their first Branded fuel service station  in the town of Abucay, located in Bataan province, about 120km from Manila. Bataan province is part of North Luzon region of the Philippines. This milestone has been achieved in the Philippine fuel retail market with JBY Petrol Trading Inc., licensee partner ...

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Ultrabrights from Weiser. Getting you noticed. Keeping you safer.

The best accessory you can fit in your motorcycle. Brighter, more attractive LED turn signal that will be seen by everyone. We all love to ride our motorcycles, anywhere, anytime, right? Whether its raining cats and dogs, or breathing pollution in traffic, we just grin and bear it. But you will agree with me that our priority is to be seen ...

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Engine Resurrection

Resurs Total is an oil additive which uses nanotechnology to restore worn surface of your engine’s piston and cylinder wall. It forms a porous structure which retains oil to lessen friction, thereby increasing the engine’s service life. Add 1-4% of Resurs Total to the total volume of engine oil to reap its full benefits. It is recommended for engines with ...

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Magic Bullet Motorcycle Power Booster

This fuel additive from Magic Bullet boosts engine performance while also improving fuel efficiency by 6-8%. It also acts as a stabilizer which helps the fuel inside the tank from going stale during long storage. It is safe and easy to use: just pour into your fuel tank before filling up and your good to go. One 500 ml bottle ...

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