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Honda Philippines concludes 14th National Motorcycle Mechanics Skills Olympic

Honda has always been the trusted brand in regards to technologically advanced motorcycles and exceptional customer service. Working hand-in-hand to ensure top quality services by training its dedicated workforce, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) and its dealer networks creates ways to ensure Honda’s way of making certain mechanics are growing, alongside technological advancements and more importantly, customer expectations. HPI holds yearly ...

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At long last, NITRO CIRCUS is finally in Manila!

After so much effort of a dedicated team,  NITRO CIRCUS is finally coming to Manila.  Featuring Travis Pastrana and his wild motorcycle stunts,  Nitro Circus will surely delight fans who’ve only seen his spectacular shows on the internet. Now, you can see him in action, flying and tumbling high in the air, making some awe-inspiring, death-defying passes. Coming with Travis are various ...

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