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Budget Bike – Kymco Royal Visa R


As residents of a third-world nation like ours, we are usually required to secure a travel visa in order for us to go touring abroad. The process of getting one is not only costly, but time consuming as well. There’s always even the possibility of having your application denied by the host country. Yet, if you only need to travel a short distance from point A to point B, Kymco Philippines has a visa that is readily available for everyone.

The Kymco Royal Visa R is the Taiwanese firm’s latest offering for budget-conscious Filipinos who need a reliable mode of transportation to combat the daily commute. It is powered by a basic 107 cc, air-cooled single cylinder engine that produces 4.8 kw@7000 rpm and 7.6 nm@4000 rpm. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a four-speed auto-clutch transmission that can be operated by the most novice of riders. Its 95-kilogram dry weight also makes the Royal Visa R an easy bike to ride. The Royal Visa R’s price tag also makes owning one easy on the pocket as well. At P 39,500, it is the most affordable commuter under bone from a reputable brand. You also get features that are not offered by competing brands in the category such as a halogen headlight, a passing switch and a front hydraulic disc brake. One feature that I found particularly useful is the audible ticking sound of the turn indicator. To further lessen the cost, most motorcycles in this category doesn’t have it. Turn indicators on motorcycles does not shut-off automatically after exiting a corner the “ticking” reminds the rider to turn it off, so as not to confuse other road users. The Royal Visa R is also equipped with a manual choke lever to help warm-up the engine quickly during cold starting but I rarely had to use it. All I had to do was to thumb the electric starter button and the engine fires up every time.

The Royal Visa R is not particularly fast, but it does the job nonetheless. It is perfect for traveling short distances around town but no one can stop you if you want to make it a long-distance tourer. The seat and the ergonomics are certainly comfortable enough. The only drawback is that you get a noticeable amount of vibration on the grips and on the saddle as you run at speeds higher than 60 kilometers per hour. Though, for some, that might even be a come-on.

To know more about the Kymco Royal Visa R, you may visit www.kymco.com.ph