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1st Gulf Brand Fuel Service Station Opens in Bataan; First in Asia!


Gulf Oil Brand officially launched their entry in the local fuel industry  by establishing their first Branded fuel service station  in the town of Abucay, located in Bataan province, about 120km from Manila. Bataan province is part of North Luzon region of the Philippines.

This milestone has been achieved in the Philippine fuel retail market with JBY Petrol Trading Inc., licensee partner of Gulf Oil International. It’s also heralded as groundbreaking as this is also Gulf’s first venture in South East Asia.


The fuel station will also have state of art Lube Express services and a Gulf store. In attendance for the opening were the Province Governor and City Mayor , senior delegates of JBY Petrol Trading & senior officials from Gulf Oil International including Mr. Frank Rutten.

The launching events included   a Motorcade of Gulf decaled Racing cars & Bikes around major towns of Gulf station. A Gulf Oil exhibition basketball challenge match was also organized between two top teams of the city and well attended by country s 3 top Basketball players to meet and greet the local community during the launch.

Gulf Racing UK WEC test days Paul Ricard

Gulf Racing UK WEC test days with Paul Ricard



The Gulf Oil brand has a rich history spanning over 100 years, the story began in 1901 in the USA, the company was an early innovator in branded product sales with its distinctive Orange Disc logo. Gulf Oil is famous worldwide for its high performance Lubricants being sold in more than 150 countries wordwide. It first gained fame as lubricants for racing cars, then trickled its technology to racing motorcycles later on.

Gulf Oil is also a proud partner of Manchester United, England’s premiere professional soccer club.

Manchester United Players

Manchester United Players